Solicitors for Family, Death and Education

Some people always connect solicitors to litigation and criminal law but this is clearly a wrong notion because solicitors are not restricted to litigation and criminal law. Depending on the service you want, there are solicitors for people in different areas. These include education solicitors, civil law solicitors and family law solicitors. In case you are looking for competent solicitors, it is important to know exactly what these experts can do for you before you begin the search.

Extra information about education solicitors

The Work of the Solicitor 

Many people outside the legal professions think a barrister and a solicitor are the same. However, there is a slight difference between a barrister and a solicitor and this difference has to do with job description. Now, let us assume that you have a friend who has just graduated from the university and that friend of yours studied law. The law graduate comes out with a degree called the LLB. This simply means Bachelor of laws. At this point, your friend is lawyer but he or she is not a Barrister-at-Law yet. To become a Barrister, your friend should attend Law School and be "called to the Bar". When the lawyer in question has graduated from Law School, he or she is now a fully qualified Barrister and Solicitor of the UK legal system. This legal expert can work in the Ministry of Justice, work for a law firm or set up his or her own law firm. The point here is that the law graduate who has been called to the bar is both a Barrister and Solicitor. The difference between the barrister and the solicitor include the ones below.

Differences Between the Barrister and the Solicitor

A barrister can also be described as an advocate. This lawyer goes to court on behalf of his or her clients. On the other hand, the solicitor does not serve as an advocate on behalf of the client in court. The solicitor prepares documents for court proceedings and creates contracts and letters to help clients. Solicitors are excellent negotiators so they serve as mediators between clients and other parties. Solicitors also gather evidence, carry out research and calculate claims for damages and compensations.

How Solicitors Can Help You

Solicitors specialize in different areas like asset protection, estate planning, taxation law, employment law and entertainment. These experts can give you excellent legal advice, recommend the right course of action and generally help you make the right decisions. Talk to a competent and experienced solicitor and you will be happy with the result.